How important is it to collect reviews for your business?

How to collect reviews for your business.. is it important?

Very, it’s really important!!!!! People are more likely to buy from you if there are recommendations from others.  How many times have you clicked on a business because it has a lovely line of golden stars?  I know I choose those over other businesses because it gives me confidence in my purchase.

However, as a business owner its not always easy to ask for a testimonial from a customer.. some people will do it off their own back which is great but to really collect some great feedback you need to ask. 

“Collecting feedback is not only  invaluable for your customers visiting your website, but you can also use these testimonials for marketing / social media posts… everyone loves a great customer experience”

This can be done in a number of ways:

In person.  Say you’re a hairdresser, its more than likely that you have spent a bit of time with your client, you’ve had a chat and at the end of the session the client is happy.  Now ask the question… could you please leave us a quick review while I tally up your bill?

More often than not they will do it.

Via email with the users’ permission of course!

For example, you’re a hairdresser or a beautician you could send an email after their appointment thanking them for their visit and just ask some simple questions”

How was your experience at our salon today?

Did you find everything to your satisfaction today?

Would you recommend us to a friend?

Send a text with a link to your Google Business page, ask them for some feedback and a 5star rating!

Collect testimonials on your website

This is a must especially if you are a service-based business.  Dedicate a page on your website to collect feedback.  Direct your customers to a form to complete asking them various questions.  This information can not only be invaluable to your customers visiting your website, but you can also use these testimonials for marketing / social media posts… everyone loves a great customer experience. 

Ask for reviews on your social media pages

Include a link to where you want them to be directed to and voila!

Can I place reviews from other online 3rd party places like Google, Yelp etc on my website?

According to Google, this is fine, but it’s probably best done with a widget.  There are some guidelines that you need to follow about copying text from other sites and your website definitely does not want to be penalised by Google.

So give it a go!

Collecting reviews can be of enormous benefit to your next potential customer but they are equally as important to you and your business.  You can learn what you are doing right and what could be improved on.  As a business owner you should be continually improving and evolving, collecting feedback and information from your customers will help you achieve that goal.

So, whatever process you use to collect testimonials don’t make it too difficult or too time-consuming for the customer. Allowing customers to spend no more than a few minutes on giving some feedback will make the whole process a lot easier to deal with and will generate more feedback. But most importantly of all say thank you to that customer for taking the time to do it.

Have fun!

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