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Beauty Salon Website design

The Results

Within just three months, our savvy SEO tactics worked their magic, landing Body Beautiful Salon right on the highly sought-after first page of search results! Paired with our website design and effective SEO methods, the salon saw a delightful surge in local customer traffic.

And guess what? Our ongoing marketing efforts have been like fueling the fire, keeping the momentum strong and steady.

Read on to find out how we did it.

Body Beautiful Salon's Online Transformation

Here, we spill the beans on how we turned Body Beautiful Salon’s online presence into a magnet for local customers with a new website, content creation, search engine optimisation, and ongoing marketing and support.

The Challenge

Body Beautiful Salon, nestled in the heart of our community in Morisset, has been doing a fantastic job of making people feel beautiful inside and out. However, regarding their online presence, they were hiding in the shadows. Their website needed to be updated and more accessible to navigate, and it lacked the oomph needed to attract new clients.

Old Beauty Salon Website

The Solution.
A New Website

Understanding the Client

First, we sat down with the lovely folks at Body Beautiful Salon to understand their vision, vibe, and what makes them unique. We wanted to capture and reflect the salon's vibe on their website.

Designing the Perfect Look

Armed with insights from our chat, we got down to business. We whipped up a design that was as sleek and stylish as their salon. Think of soft pastels, elegant fonts, and beautiful images showcasing their services.

Making it User-Friendly

We wanted customers to avoid getting lost in a maze while booking an appointment. So, we made sure the website was super easy to navigate. Everything from booking options to service descriptions was just a click away.

Creating the Content

Creating the perfect blend of content for Body Beautiful Salon's website was key to its success. We delved deep into understanding Body Beautiful Salon's audience to tailor every word to resonate with their wants.

SEO and Marketing

SEO Magic

We sprinkled some SEO magic on it. We made sure that when people in our area searched for "beauty salon," Body Beautiful Salon popped up right at the top of the list. It's like planting a signpost in the middle of the internet saying, "Hey, we're here!"

Spreading the Word

But wait, there's more! We didn't stop at just creating a fabulous website. We put on our marketing hats and got busy spreading the word. Social media, local listings, you name it, we were there, shouting from the rooftops about Body Beautiful Salon.

The Results

Beauty Salon Website Results

So, what happened next? Well, let's say business started booming! Moreover, within just five months, our savvy SEO strategies landed Body Beautiful Salon on page 1 of search results. Thanks to the shiny new website and our nifty SEO tricks, Body Beautiful Salon began to attract more local customers than ever before. And with our ongoing marketing efforts, the momentum keeps on growing.

Page one

And there you have it, folks! With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of SEO, and a lot of heart, we helped Body Beautiful Salon shine bright online. So, if you need some pampering, you know where to find them – just a click away!


Jarrod GillmerJarrod Gillmer
05:13 03 May 23
Kaz at full circle creative has meet our expectations and beyond. I couldn't be more happy with the outcome of my new business website. They we there for me from start to finish. I would recommend using full circle to any of my friends and family. Thank you Kaz
Deborah FeeneyDeborah Feeney
02:41 06 Jun 22
Kaz from Full Circle Creatives is fantasticAny questions I had, she was always so helpful and talked me throughout everythingMy webpage turned out just what I wanted and as soon as I’m up and running again after quick break, will get Kaz to have everything sorted againWouldn’t go anywhere elseThankyou so much 🥰
Nic ScarceNic Scarce
05:43 27 Apr 22
Kaz is so good! She is always available and sorts things out for her at the drop of a hat. Nothing has ever been too big a problem either, she really knows everything there is to know. I highly recommend Kaz and her services.
David WolterDavid Wolter
09:45 26 Feb 19
Always goes over and above and delivered with a smile. Highly recommended

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